Child Rights Video Contest

Enter our Child Rights Video Contest for a chance to be featured in a video across Canada! Tell us which child right is most important to you and why. We welcome submissions from every child or youth under 18 years old.

How to enter:

1. Select the child right that you feel is most important to you.

You can find out about more about child rights through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child poster.

Download the poster:

2. Record a 10-second video telling us which child rights is the most important to you and why.


1. Know what you want to say.

2. Use your smartphone to record a video. Use the best recording quality you can.

3. Record your video with the phone horizontal/landscape so that it shows your head and shoulders. Make sure there is space above your head, like the image here.

Don't forget! Keep it to 10 seconds.

3. Submit your video.

Complete the submission form and submit your video. You will be able to upload the video
via the submission form.