Calling for an End to Anti-Muslim Hate

Children First Canada stands in solidarity with Muslims across the country in calling for an end to Islamophobia and violence against their community. The recent attack on a Muslim family in London, Ont., while out for an evening walk is a sobering reminder that anti-Muslim hate is pervasive in our country. In one act of terrorism, three generations of a family tragically lost their lives, and Muslim children and their families across the country lost a sense of safety within their communities. 

During this time of mourning, our hearts go out to the friends and relatives of the Afzaal-Salman family, especially the nine-year-old boy who survived the devastating attack and has become orphaned.

All children – regardless of their race or religion – have a right to live a life that is free from violence and discrimination of any kind.  Every child and family deserve to walk down the street and within Canadian society without fearing for their safety.

Acts of terrorism begin in the heart first. As a country, we need to confront the reality of racism and discrimination within our ourselves and within our own borders and work to eradicate it.

We long for a day when every child in Canada can grow up freely in Canadian society and know with confidence that it is a safe place to call home.