Thanking our Board Chair, Gail O’Brien, upon the completion of her term

It is with immense gratitude that Children First Canada wishes to acknowledge and express our deepest thanks to our Board Chair, Gail O’Brien, as she steps down upon the completion of her term as the Chair and as a member of the Board of Directors. Gail has played a pivotal role in CFC since the organization’s inception in 2015, as a seed donor and our most significant funder, and in a governance capacity on the Advisory Board and then as Chair of the Board of Directors for the past four years. 

Gail’s commitment to harnessing data on the health of children is exemplified through her role in helping launch the Raising Canada report on the top 10 threats to childhood in partnership with the O’Brien Institute for Public Health and the Alberta Child Health Research Institute at the University of Calgary. Gail also shares CFC’s commitment to amplifying the voices of children and youth, which she helped bring to life through her support for the creation of the Youth Advisory Council and the Young Canadians’ Parliament. 

“Words cannot adequately express my heartfelt appreciation for Gail’s outstanding leadership, immense generosity, and incredible contributions to Children First Canada. Her passionate commitment to uniting Canadians around a shared vision of what is possible for our children is truly unparalleled. While Gail is stepping down as Chair, CFC remains steadfastly committed to honouring her legacy as a founding board member by continuing to drive urgent and lasting change in the lives of 8 million kids in Canada,” says Sara Austin, Founder and CEO.   

Gail has been a lifelong champion for children and wishes ongoing success for Sara and Children First Canada’s continued work in supporting the health and well-being of kids in Canada. 

The Board of Directors is currently undergoing a succession process to select a new Chair and will look forward to announcing the details once the appointment is confirmed.