Advocating for Children During the COVID Crisis: Our Voice in the Media

Children First Canada has been speaking up for children since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Keep up-to-date here as we post links to articles and interviews published across the country.

Children First Canada asked the Prime Minister to host a special press conference aimed at taking questions from children and youth. Check out Justin Trudeau and Dr. Theresa Tam’s responses to their top ten questions.

Penny Collenette writes for The Star while quoting Children First Canada founder Sara Austin. She discusses how we can support children while dealing with financial chaos and concludes, among other things, that we must listen to them.

Children who suffer child abuse may see their situation worsening during the COVID-19 crisis. The National Observer reports on this here.

Children First Canada’s Sara Austin contributes to this article about the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable children; “Many kids depend on schools for daily nutrition programs […] but there are also very grave concerns about the mental health of our children, as well as protection against violence”.

COVID-19 and homeschooling: listen to this episode of BC Today to hear Children First Canada founder Sara Austin and University of British Columbia education associate professor Marina Milner-Bolotin discuss it.

Sara Austin, founder of Children First Canada, explains how the coronavirus has drastically altered the lives of Canadian children in the Assiniboia Times.

The Toronto Sun draws attention to Children First Canada’s recommendations during this time, which include urgent mental health support for children along with extending supports to ensure that the most vulnerable children and youth are not put at greater risk during the pandemic.

In Policy Options, Sara Austin lays out three strategies for measurable improvements for kids in Canada.