Children First Canada responds to announcement by Canada’s premiers on child health crisis

Calgary, AB – Today Canada’s Premiers announced they would host a timely press conference to address the crisis facing children’s hospitals across the country. Children First Canada along with many other organizations and individuals who share a commitment to ensuring the health and wellbeing of children were hopeful that the announcement would bring news of tangible steps being taken to protect the lives of children.

It was deeply disappointing that the Premier’s joint statement and responses to questions from the press failed to mention children and youth. There were no commitments to take any urgent action to stem the crisis.

Kids are suffering and dying from preventable illnesses at unprecedented levels. Many paediatric experts have warned that the crisis will worsen in the weeks ahead.

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Health Ministers met one month ago to discuss the immediate and long-term solutions needed to improve the health of Canadians. It was an opportunity to take action before the paediatric crisis reached its peak, yet they walked away without an agreement.

Now the Premiers are calling for a First Ministers meeting – in January – to discuss fair and sustainable funding. While adequate investments are an important part of the solution, children and youth in Canada need leadership and action today.

All levels of government are accountable for protecting the rights of children in Canada – including the rights to healthcare, survival and development. The best interests of the child should be a primary consideration. Those rights are in jeopardy. Children’s lives are at stake.

Federal, Provincial and Territorial leaders have a duty to step up now and do everything within their power to ensure the health of children and youth in Canada.

Solutions are being offered. Read the Open Letter from Mothers, Grandmothers and Caregivers to the Prime Minister and all Premiers at and the Open Letter from Children’s Healthcare Canada, the Canadian Association of Paediatric Nurses, and the Canadian Paediatric Society here. It is time for our leaders to listen and act.

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