Simi Sahota, is a passionate youth leader in her community. Simi has been a part of the Young Canadians’ Parliament (YCP), presented by Children First Canada, since its beginning.  Her work with Children First Canada has been multifaceted, from being a YCP Activator, to hosting events, being a panelist, volunteering as a facilitator and youth consultant. She now serves as the vice-chair of CFC’s National Youth Advisory Council (YAC).

Simi has also been an advocate for children’s right across Canada through her volunteer work with the Honourable Senator Rosemary Moodie’s bill on a National Child Commissioner for Children and Youth. She was a guest presenter at the 10th edition of the International Summer Course on the Rights of the Child at the Université de Moncton’s with Children First Canada, featured on Jodi Butt’s @risk podcast, and featured in her local newspaper discus.