Cicely McWilliam

With more than 25 years as a human rights advocate (LGBTQ2+, women, children) with experience in advocacy, communications, and government relations for the non-profit sector. As a Partner with Patricia Erb & Associates, Cicely is now focused on helping organizations achieve social impact through development and community engagement.

Working for Save the Children Canada (SCC) for almost a decade, as Director of Policy and Government Relations, she designed and implemented advocacy campaigns and government relations strategies and led and participated in policy development for the global organization.

Non-profits must do more than address immediate needs to achieve an equitable and sustainable world. They must work to address the root causes and fix the broken systems that create or sustain injustice. They must advocate for change and amplify and support the voices of the most marginalized.

Successful social movements and political campaigns require community engagement and mobilization. Cicely is an expert with more than 25 years of volunteer and professional campaign experience. She has coordinated hundreds of community advocates in the struggle for equal marriage and civil rights for 2LGBTQ+ Canadians. She has trained and marshalled volunteers to campaign for political candidates. Training volunteer and professional advocates on campaign strategy and implementation has allowed her to share her experience and support movements for children’s rights around the world.

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