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Hanna Grover

Surrey, B.C.

Hanna Grover is a strong advocate for children’s rights, youth mental health and ardently committed to combating discrimination and forging pathways to success for young Canadians.  Her journey began with the founding of Poet2Poet, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe space for young poets to share their creative writing pieces and support one another. Through Poet2Poet, Hanna aims to create a community where everyone’s thoughts and emotions can be heard through poetry, fostering a supportive environment for youth writers to flourish.

Recognizing the importance of health literacy among children and youth, Hanna also developed the Health Education Advocacy and Research Team (HEART). This program delivers workshops on health and nutrition to elementary school students, aiming to empower them with essential knowledge for a healthy lifestyle. Her commitment to children’s well-being extends beyond education and mental health to include access to safe healthcare, evidenced by her collaborations with organizations like B.C Children’s Hospital and Our Kids Health.

Hanna’s advocacy work has garnered recognition, including awards such as Surrey’s Top 25 Under 25, Canada Health Grant For Youth, and more. Her efforts have made a tangible impact, with initiatives like the book drive for educational equity benefiting over 2000 students and the HEART program set to be implemented in schools across Canada.

In addition to her impactful initiatives, Hanna has actively collaborated with local schools, soup kitchens, and national organizations to advocate for children’s rights and improve access to essential services. Her work reflects a commitment to inclusivity and breaking down barriers for young Canadians, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive and access the resources they need.

Hanna’s journey is one of resilience, dedication, and compassion, embodying the spirit of positive change and empowerment for future generations.