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Jaden Braves

Toronto, Ontario

Jaden Braves is a trailblazing young leader and a strong advocate for combating climate change, committed to amplifying youth voices in democracy and civic engagement. His journey into climate activism began at the age of 9 when he attended a local Green Party meeting, igniting a passion for political engagement that would shape his future endeavours. By 15, Jaden had made history as the youngest-ever member of the Green Party of Canada Federal Council, a testament to his early leadership and vision for youth empowerment.

Driven by a desire to give young Canadians a meaningful voice in their country’s governance and building a more sustainable future, Jaden founded the Young Politicians of Canada (YPC), a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to amplifying youth voices in Canadian politics. The YPC stands out as an unprecedented initiative, with representation in nearly every province, each chapter led entirely by youth from that region. Through YPC, Jaden has worked tirelessly to ensure that youngCanadians have a platform to advocate for their current and future rights, bridging the gap between youth and political decision-making.

One of Jaden’s notable initiatives within YPC is the Placement Program, which facilitates Canadian youth working within governmental offices at municipal, provincial, and federal levels. This program not only provides valuable experience for young people but also creates a direct channel for youth input in policy discussions and decision-making processes. Jaden’s advocacy has led to the establishment of youth councils and advisory boards in political offices, giving young Canadians a tangible voice in shaping their communities and country.

Furthermore, Jaden’s social entrepreneurship has enabled YPC to forge partnerships with influential organizations such as UNICEF, Vote16, CIVIX, Children First Canada, Fairvote Canada, New Majority, Friends of Canadian Media, and Democracy X Change. These collaborations have expanded YPC’s reach and impact, allowing more young Canadians to engage meaningfully in political discourse and decision-making. Moreover, he is now working on building relationships with organizations such as ISO, UN and Elections Canada.

Jaden’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity is evident in every aspect of his work. He has prioritized indigenous youth representation within YPC, creating a youth indigenous round table to ensure that indigenous voices are heard at the highest levels of government. Additionally, Jaden has taken proactive steps to ensure diversity within YPC’s leadership, with senior roles held by individuals from diverse backgrounds, including many new Canadians. This commitment reflects Jaden’s belief in the importance of representation and equity in shaping Canada’s political landscape.

His visionary leadership has not only empowered young Canadians but also disrupted the traditional political discourse, paving the way for a more inclusive and participatory democracy. Jaden’s dedication to combating climate change and amplifying youth voices make him a true champion for youth rights and democratic participation in Canada, as he builds a more sustainable future for us all.