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Stella Nadeau

St-Bruno de Montarville, Québec

Stella Nadeau is a dedicated advocate for human rights and inclusivity, spearheading impactful initiatives that provide equitable opportunities for youth and combating racism and discrimination. Her active involvement in community projects educate others to create positive change, and she is driving local and global impact.

She continually fights for human rights, believing in the worth of every person and doing everything she can to ensure each one is treated as such. She works closely on community projects and, during the Ukraine war, had the great idea to start a collection of hygiene products. She mobilized the entire school, and thanks to her determination, she managed to gather 150 bags of hygiene products that were given to the new families who arrived from Ukraine.

Stella is involved in several projects, including collecting non-perishable items for financially struggling and isolated individuals and being part of a group for inclusion. She participated in the college’s head-shaving challenge and is involved in all school projects that aim to improve people’s lives. Activities such as head-shaving challenges, conferences and activities to raise awareness of many causes and realities that diverge from her own, etc. She is a very inspiring girl. Being able to be around her is the best thing that can happen to a young person her age.

Always positive, she helps those around her become better people. The Future is Now Award will give her a lot of confidence and further encourage her in her projects. Stella educates everyone she meets to be inclusive, because she thinks that it’s the best way we can create a better future for all of us.

She is committed in her words and actions to improving the lives of all the people she meets.