Presented by Children First Canada

Chinazam Igwe

Moncton, New Brunswick

Chinazam (Zammie) Igwe is a dynamic advocate for diversity in education, having experienced the  challenges and opportunities as a newcomer, she has spearheaded successful initiatives to build a more inclusive community and country. She embodies a steadfast commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, and opportunity in education and community engagement. 

Her journey as a change agent began in middle school, where she organized a successful diverse book fundraiser, raising $200 to enrich the school library with culturally representative novels. This early initiative showcased Zammie’s dedication to promoting diverse narratives and creating inclusive learning environments.

Transitioning to high school, Zammie emerged as a key figure in the Culture Club, spearheading impactful initiatives such as the Culture Fashion Show, which celebrated the rich cultural heritage of students from 20 different countries. Her leadership not only showcased the school’s diversity but also fostered a sense of belonging and pride among students of diverse backgrounds.

Zammie’s advocacy extends beyond cultural representation. As the founder of letsinnov8, she has embarked on a mission to create more opportunities in STEM and entrepreneurship, particularly for female students of color in Atlantic Canada. Her initiative has garnered support and collaboration from respected professionals and organizations. With these partnerships, Zammie’s vision transcends provincial boundaries, aiming to empower students nationwide.

Her personal journey, including immigrating from Nigeria and navigating her mother’s battle with pancreatic cancer, has fueled her determination to break barriers and uplift underrepresented groups. Her accomplishments include receiving the Black Entrance Scholarship to SHAD and recognition for her writing in local magazines. Despite her academic excellence, Zammie remains deeply involved in community initiatives, serving as a student tutor, a member of the Mental Health Committee, and a leader with Trojans in Action, a student-led group dedicated to social causes.

Zammie’s leadership philosophy centers on action and impact. She believes in leading by example, bridging divides, and empowering others to realize their potential. Her resilience, vision, and unwavering dedication mark her as a remarkable young leader poised to make lasting contributions to her community and beyond.