Stand Up For Kids: Federal Pre-Budget Consultations 2020

Children First Canada along with Children’s Healthcare Canada, the Canadian Pediatric Society and UNICEF Canada created a joint pre-budget submission for the Federal budget consultation process.

Canada has been steadily dropping in global rankings over the past decade with respect to the wellbeing of our children. Canada currently ranks 25th out of 41 OECD countries on measures of children’s health and wellbeing, according to UNICEF’s child wellbeing report card. [1] These figures represent a significant decrease from Canada’s 12th place ranking in 2007. Fully one third of Canada’s children do not enjoy a safe and healthy childhood. [2]

What can the Government of Canada do to advance the health and wellbeing of children and youth? The child health stakeholders collaborating on this proposal (Canadian Paediatric Society, Children First Canada, Children’s Healthcare Canada, Pediatric Chairs of Canada, UNICEF Canada) believe the answer lies in an independent federal Commissioner for Children and Youth. The establishment of such an office would fulfill a central recommendation made repeatedly to Canada by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

To improve the lives of children and youth in Canada, this office would support Parliament in achieving the identified goals and objectives of the current government’s spending priorities:

I. Strengthening the Middle Class
II. Reconciliation
III. Climate Change and Protecting the Environment
IV. Health and Safety of Canadians

There is an urgent need for action.

Click here to download the full statement and read more about the opportunities that have been outlined and the recommendations put forth by the Canadian Paediatric Society, Children First Canada, Children’s Healthcare Canada, the Pediatric Chairs of Canada, and UNICEF Canada.

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