Vanessa Hagan

Bilingual Services Coordinator

Vanessa is an undergraduate student at the University of Ottawa, studying French-English Translation. She has a passion for languages, which stemmed from her love of reading and writing, and which has led her to love travelling and learning about the beautiful cultures all around the world.

Vanessa aspires to graduate with her Bachelor’s and one day use her skills in translation and language to better the community around her by serving the public and making the world a better place to communicate and grow. She has a younger sister who inspires her to look at the needs of children and understand the problems that many children and youth face every day in Canada. Vanessa would also love the opportunity to someday learn a new language that she can add to her skillset.

Vanessa’s vision for the world is one in which everyone — regardless of culture, language, religion, and sexuality — is respected. She would love to see her sister grow up in a society that values unconditional respect and appreciation towards every group of people.