A Big, Bold Plan to Make Canada the Best Place in the World for Kids to Grow Up!

It’s Time to Vote For Our Future

For more than a decade, the quality of life for kids in Canada has been steadily declining, and the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly diminished children’s mental and physical health.

  • The future of Canada depends on the strength of children and youth.
  • Investing in children means a stronger, better, Canada.
  • We can reinvigorate Canada by doing right by kids.
  • Children’s voices matter! They are the leaders of today and the future.
  • WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by investing in children so they can
    survive and thrive!

It is time for Canada to take a stand and #VoteForOurFuture.

What You Can Do

1. Engage candidates on social media

Children deserve to survive and thrive. Tag candidates and leaders in social posts and ask how they plan to invest in kids. Find out how to contact them here

2. Engage candidates in your riding

Go to debates and call the offices of your local candidates. Before you get in touch, print our Children’s Platform handout and poster. You can use these resources to ask candidates if they commit to the platform and recommendations. 

3. Spread the news

Share the Children’s Platform with friends, family and colleagues and ask them to make children a priority in the federal election and #VoteForOurFuture.

4. Stay informed

Download our platform monitoring guide to keep up to date on where each party stands on the issues that matter most to kids. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter @children1stca, and connect with us on Facebook @childrenfirstcanada. Want regular updates sent to your inbox? Sign up for our newsletter here.

5. Involve children and youth

Encourage young people to speak up for their rights! Share the information about the Children’s Platform with kids and teens, and ask them what they think. Have discussions with your kids about the recommendations, make a joint decision on who to vote for, and go together to the voting booth.

6. Vote For Our Future

Your voice matters on election day! Plan when you will vote and how you will get there, then share your commitment to #VoteForOurFuture on social media.

More Resources

Take Care

Take Action!

Print off these resources and spread the word in your neighbourhood, at the door, or at events and debates!

Weekly Update with Rayn

Meet our new junior reporter, eight-year-old Rayn Asaria! In the lead-up to the election, tune in every Tuesday for his perspectives on the latest news and the issues affecting Canada’s youngest citizens.

One-on-One with Rayn

Eight-year-old Rayn Asaria speaks with federal leaders about their election plans and the issues that matter most to kids.

The Time is Now!

Canada’s ranking has fallen from 10th to 30th place among 38 wealthy nations.1

More than 1/3 of kids in Canada do not enjoy a safe and healthy childhood.2

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on children. 61% of parents expect residual effects of the pandemic on their children’s mental health, even after the pandemic is over, and 17% expect these impacts will be long term.3

75% of parents say they have received some government support throughout the pandemic, but it hasn’t been enough (42%), or they
haven’t received any support
at all (33%).3

91% of Canadians believe that Canada should put a high priority on improving its rating for child well-being.4

2. Raising Canada 2020
3. Inspiring Health Futures & Abacus Data, June 2021
4. Poll on Canada’s Ranking for Children’s Well-Being 

There are 6 essential building blocks to improve the lives of all 8 million kids in Canada:

1. Establish an independent Commissioner for Children and Youth

2. Develop a National Strategy for Children to tackle the top 10 threats to childhood and ensure the full implementation of children’s rights.

3. Launch a Catalytic Investment Fund for Children and publish a Children’s Budget

4. Measure What Matters

5. Provide equitable funding and services for First Nations, Métis and Inuit children

6. Involve Children

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