Rosette Godwin Matangwa

13 years old, Toronto, Ontario

Pronouns: She/Her

Rosette Godwin Matangwa (goes as Rosette), pronouns she/her, is 13 years old and lives in Toronto, Ontario. Although this is Rosette’s first time on a Youth Advisory Council, Rosette has been an active member of the ‘’Canadian Youth Parliament’’ and the ‘’Shaking the Movers” of the Department of Childhood and Youth Studies King’s University College at Western University She has been empowered to:

  • Make her voice and the voice of youth heard on important issues.
  • Share solutions and recommendations for change
  • Provide feedback on ways to make the world a better place.

Rosette firmly believes in a Canada where children from different backgrounds have equal resources and opportunities to realize their dreams. Rosette is fluently bilingual (English and French) and passionate about visual arts, music, and roller skating.