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Marigold Mioc

Calgary, AB

Marigold Mioc is beacon of inspiration and activism, advocating for survivors of domestic violence and the protection of human rights. She embodies the essence of selfless service and unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes, beginning her journey in volunteerism at the remarkable age of five by initiating charitable endeavors such as selling headbands for noble causes. Since then, her trajectory has been marked by a relentless pursuit of opportunities to uplift communities, advocate for human rights, and empower youth in her community and worldwide.

As a United Way Youth Ambassador, Marigold has played pivotal roles in various initiatives, including co-hosting the launch of Planet Youth Calgary—a program aimed at preventing substance abuse among the youth population. Her involvement with HundrED, an innovative global educational organization, underscores her commitment to enhancing educational opportunities and advocating for children’s rights on a national and international scale.

Marigold’s courage and conviction shine through in her relentless efforts to champion causes aimed at creating a better future for children and youth. Whether as a Youth Ambassador for Gems for Gems, supporting survivors of domestic abuse, or volunteering with Love with Humanity to provide essential resources to the vulnerable, she consistently demonstrates a profound dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Her passion for human rights and equity is evident in her active participation in rallies, community events, and policy planning meetings. Marigold’s leadership extends beyond mere participation as she facilitates leadership classes for youth and engages in advocacy work for the establishment of a Youth and Child Commissioner’s office in Canada.

Marigold’s multifaceted engagement also includes her role as the youngest member of the Calgary Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders Canada, where she advocates for gender equality in STEM industries. Furthermore, her involvement with 1Girl and Apar Initiative underscores her commitment to empowering girls and fostering innovation and creativity among future leaders.

In addition to her remarkable volunteerism, Marigold’s impact extends to fundraising endeavors, social impact initiatives, and community service projects, earning her numerous accolades and awards for her outstanding contributions.

Through her unwavering dedication and boundless enthusiasm, Marigold epitomizes the spirit of altruism and serves as a catalyst for positive change in her community and beyond. As she continues to leverage her platform to inspire and empower youth, Marigold remains a true leader and an invaluable asset to the global community.